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Quality & reliability are the centre of every E-cargo scooter. Each component has been designed & tested for safety, comfort & reliabilty.

AC Drive motor

The drive motor must be be adaptable to frequent stop, start, acceleration and deceleration, and a wide range of speed changes. Our AC asynchrouous motors provide more torque at low speeds improve starting acceleration, and stability in normal speeds.

Lithium Battery

Batteries are an important component to electric vehicles. Battery life, service life, charging times, and safety, directly influence the performance of the vehicle. We select Lithium batteries as standard as they are more stable, allowing up to 2000 charging cycles, 6 to 8 hours charging times to run for approximately 120kms

Speed controller

The speed controller is the “brain” of the vehicle. It is used to control the run and stop, forward and reverse, spoof and various on board electronic devices. Our low voltage AC controllers are specially designed for smalll electric vehicles to achieve a higher efficiency, and improved operational driving distance.

Shock Absorbers

Hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers provide additional comfort for the driver, and onboard cargo from road surface impacts

Disc Brake

The brake performance of the electric 3 wheel cargo scooter is critical to safety during actual use. Because it is small and heavy. and used for short distance delivery in town and city ares that require frequent braking.

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